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Id Fake Legitfakeid Arizona
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Angie DiPietro, Attorney at Law, is a criminal defense firm located in Ocean City, Maryland and serving clients throughout Wicomico County and the surrounding region. Practice areas include DUI, assault, drug charges, fake ID, traffic violations, disorderly conduct, sex crimes, theft, solicitation and prostitution, and weapon and gun charges, and student defense matters.

Id Fake Legitfakeid Arizona
Attorney Angie DiPietro has 20 years of experience, including as a former Assistant State’s Attorney, and is a panel attorney for the Office of the Public Defender and a court appointed Examiners for Wicomico County. She is educated regarding Rules of Procedure and Rules of Evidence and is vigilant about keeping abreast of constant changes.

Ms. DiPietro listens to clients, investigates all of the details and facts of each case, and explains the charges and possible penalties. Offering personalized attention and honest support, she guides clients through the criminal process. She ensures clients’ rights are protected and creates customized defense strategies with their best interests in mind and designed to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Languages: English

Angie DiPietro, Attorney at Law Areas of Law

Id Fake Legitfakeid Arizona

Additional Areas of Law: Cybercrime; Fake ID; Speeding Ticket; Disorderly Conduct; Student Defense; Solicitation; Sodomy; Incest; Sexual Solicitation of a Minor.


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Ms. Angela B. DiPietro
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Id Fake Legitfakeid Arizona

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